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 Emma True & Angel Dee - A Fringe Festival Event


Emma True & Angel Dee - A Fringe Festival Event


Sun 02 Jun 2024


Woodville Studio



Join us for an evening of live music & spoken word:

Angeldee is a neurodiverse trans female singer songwriter hailing from Southeast England. Growing up in the 80s in Thanet and being who she was, she was really out of time, but after obsessively listening to any Beatles record she could get her hands on, she travelled through hip hop, punk, metal, baggy, rave, electronica, reggae, ambient and psychedelic rock to mould her sound that she would later form which would help her express herself and heal her soul.

Performing as part of the indie pop group the Pretty Route and producing with Drum and Bass collective Retronym, she has had an official release under her belt and has played at large LGBTQIA+ festivals up and down the country.

Nowadays she is crafting thoughtful and thought-provoking songs delivered with passion and belief in the hope to connect with as many souls as she can from as many walks of life as the universe will allow. Love is love and love is life after all.

—Emma True is a Kent-based actress, filmmaker, and spoken word artist. Her writing explores themes of mental health, nature, relationships and our place in the world. She believes our greatest struggles can also be the greatest inspiration for creativity, and enjoys sharing stories through self-penned short films and performance.

From a young age, she has acted on stage, in films, and in television series, winning a BAFTA award and (more locally) a TryAngle Award for her contribution to the arts. Her enjoyment for writing led her naturally into a merging of both – and into the world of spoken word. Emma is the resident poet for She Lives Collective, and can be found featuring at live scratch nights and on BBC Radio.

Discover more of her work on socials: YouTube as Emma True / Instagram as @ejtrue / Facebook as Emma True Actress/Spoken WordUpsurge is her first one-woman show.

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