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GAS - The Gravesham Arts Salon

Gravesham Arts Salon is a creative arts network based in Gravesham, Kent comprising over 40 small organisations and individuals delivering arts in the borough. The members include venues and arts professionals as well as local community arts groups.

GAS was started in 2017 with the purpose of bringing artists together to work in partnership and support each other’s work. The network was constituted in 2019. The first project that members were involved in was the 

Silk River led by Kinetika and since then they have run the one day Gravesham Riverside Fringe Festival in July 2018.

This year GAS have been asked to be part of the consortium for The Creative People and Places Bid for Dartford and Gravesham and is currently planning the week long Riverside Fringe Festival from 7 -13 July 2019.