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Gift Voucher FAQs

Q. How long are the vouchers valid?

A. Each voucher is valid for one whole year unless stated otherwise on the voucher

Q. Where can the vouchers be redeemed?

A. Woodville gift vouchers can be redeemed online at, in person at the Box Office, or over the phone by calling 01474 337459.

Q. If I spend less than the value, do I get change?

A. The remaining unspent value will remain on the voucher and can be used towards another order.

Q. What do I do if I lose my voucher?

A. Please report the loss by contacting the Box Office as soon as possible. If the voucher has not been used, we will be able to cancel it and reissue a new one with any remaining balance.

Q. How can I tell how much is left on my voucher?

A. You can either login <here> to check the balance via your online account, or just give us a call.