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Witch Hunt


Fri 13 Mar 2020


Who really holds the power in a world where the witches are now the hunters

… and the predators are now the prey?

Following their 2018 award winning show Enter The Dragons, A&E Comedy’s Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards (‘a brilliant comedy coupling’ Total Theatre) return with a spell-binding, surreal and darkly hilarious tale, directed by Cal McCrystal.

Abigail and Emma weave a cautionary fairy tale for our time, celebrating the wisdom of the witch, unpacking the notion of predator and conjuring a world of coven-ready weird sisters.

Enter The Dragons encouraged older women to challenge stereotypical representations of ageing, Witch Hunt takes the concept further by identifying and celebrating the wisdom and power held by older women. It’s a ritualistic voodoo brouhaha designed to enchant and hex the pricks and predators. Imagine Vic and Bob doing The Crucible.

Armed with their ‘wiccan’ sense of humour A&E Comedy use bouffon techniques, puppetry and magic to ask “Can we use witchcraft to take down the Patriarchy?” Oh yes we can!

‘As two women, in their fifties we’re using comedy to look at contemporary gender politics and the ways in which women’s voices are repressed through entrenched social misogyny’ said Abigail, ‘We want to celebrate older women’s wisdom and power’ added Emma.

Described as ‘Gleefully improper fun’ by Brian Logan in The Guardian, Enter The Dragons won Best Show at Brighton Fringe 2017 and was a Guardian top pick at Edinburgh Fringe 2018.