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Robin Hood


Fri 03 Dec - Mon 03 Jan 2022


Wicked Productions are set to leave the audience in a QUIVER as they return to The Woodville to bring some much needed fun and MERRY MEN-T with the Christmas pantomime,  Robin Hood. 
The hilarious duo Mama G and Nick Nolan return to play Dame Tuck and Silly Willy Scarlett alongside Gravesend favourites  Rob Cummings as the dastardly Sherriff of Nottingham Lucy Reed makes a welcome return as Maid Marian and Chris Donnelly (Winner of Sky 1s GOT TO DANCE) makes his Woodville debut as Little John alongside Stewart McCheyne (from CBBCs Andy and the Odd Socks) as our leading man, Robin Hood.

Deep in the heart of his foreboding castle, the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham is taxing the poor to pile up his gold, whilst imprisoning brave Maid Marian.

But the Sheriff hasn’t banked on our arrow slinging hero Robin emerging from Sherwood Forest to target the hand of Marian and outwit the villain’s plans. Can Robin save the day with a little help from Silly Willy Scarlett, Dame Tamara Tuck and his plucky Merry Folk?

There will, of course, be laughs aplenty this Christmas with all your favourite routines, The Boombox will make a welcome return along with a gaggle of ghosts to hinder the quest to rescue Maid Marian.

Don't miss this spectacular Christmas production full of magic, toe tapping songs, dance routines, inspirational sets, fantastic costumes, lots and lots of laughter and enchantment that will thrill the child in all of us.

Hit the bullseye this Christmas and catch ‘Robin Hood at The Woodville.


Friday 03rd Dec:         7pm (FS)

Saturday 04th Dec:     3:00pm (P) - 7:00pm (OP)

Sunday 05th Dec:       1:00pm (P) - 5:00pm (OP)

Monday 06th Dec:      NO PERFORMANCES 

Tuesday 07th Dec:     NO PERFORMANCES 

Wed 08th Dec:            10:30am (SS)(OP) - 6:00pm (FS)

Thursday 09th Dec:    10:30am (SS) (OP) - 1:30pm (SS) (OP)

Friday 10th Dec:         10:30am (SS) (OP)- 6:00pm (OP)

Saturday 11th Dec:     11:00am (OP)3:30pm (P) - 7pm (OP)

Sunday 12th Dec:       1:00pm (P) - 5:00pm (OP)

Monday 13th Dec:      NO PERFORMANCES 

Tuesday 14th Dec:     NO PERFORMANCES 

Wed 15th Dec:            10:30am (SS) (OP) - 1:30pm (SS) (OP)

Thursday 16th Dec:    1:00pm (SS) (OP) - 6:00pm (FS)

Friday 17th Dec:         7:00pm (OP)

Saturday 18th Dec:     11:00am (P)- 3:30pm (P) - 7:00pm (OP)

Sunday 19th Dec:       1:00pm (P) -5:00pm (P) 

Monday 20th Dec:      1:00pm (P) -5:00pm (P)

Tuesday 21st Dec:      1:00pm (P) - 5:00pm (P)

Wed 22nd Dec:           1:00pm (P) - 5:00pm (P)

Thursday 23rd Dec:    1:00pm (P) - 5:00pm (P)

Friday 24th Dec:         1:00pm (P) -5:00pm (P) 

Saturday 25th Dec:     MERRY XMAS

Sunday 26th Dec:       1:00pm (P) -5:00pm (P) 

Monday 27th Dec:      1:00pm (P)- 5:00pm (P)

Tuesday 28th Dec:     1:00pm (P)- 5:00pm (OP)

Wed 29th Dec:            1:00pm (OP) - 5:00pm (FS)

Thursday 3Oth Dec:   1:00pm (OP) - 5:00pm (FS)

Friday 31st Dec:         1:00pm (OP)

Saturday 01st Jan:       HAPPY NEW YEAR

Sunday 02nd Jan:    1:00pm (P) - 5:00pm (OP)

Monday 03rd Jan:       1:00pm (P)



School Group Booking £12 per student; £1.50 per teacher

(P) PEAK PERFORMANCE                PRICE ALL £22.50; WEST STALLS £16.60   

(OP) OFF PEAK PERFORMANCE     PRICE ALL £20.50; WEST STALLS £16.50                                                          

(FS) FAMILY SPECIAL                       PRICE ALL £16.00