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Rapunzel Online


Sun 24 Jan - Sun 31 Jan 2021


We are delighted to be able to bring you a streaming service this Christmas. As we all know it’s been a long hard Covid fuelled year and with some of you having to self-isolate we did not want you to miss out on the fun and festive magic that a pantomime brings.

So if you cannot make it to us, then we will make it to you! With a bit of Christmas spirit and a little help from the magic of technology, you can watch this year’s socially distanced pantomime Rapunzel from the comfort of your own home without wearing a face mask!

The show was filmed at The Woodville and is easily downloaded to an up to date browser.  Please note that it will not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer.   The link you purchase for viewing on your chosen date is valid from 00:01 until 23:59 but please be aware that technical support will be available from 10am until 7pm.  Details will be given in your order confirmation.

With all the best traditions of a fairy tale, but with a new twist and written especially for 2020 it’s sure to be a pantomime for the whole family to enjoy.

Watch as the evil Witch Horrorbella casts a spell on young princess Rapunzel, and locks her away in a tall tower deep within the woods. In Rapunzel’s bid for freedom she falls in love with the dashing Finn Strider. All the while Dame Dolly Dumpling and her witless son Joey the Jester, search the lands and do all they can to find the princess and return her to her loving father, King Albert.

The laughter will not stop as this year’s panto is full of all the favourite routines. The Boombox makes its eagerly awaited return, along with a gaggle of ghosts to hinder the quest to find Rapunzel. And before your hairy eyes, Joey the Jester will discover his limbs have a life of their own in a hilarious ultra-violet sequence. We guarantee you won’t be ‘let down’.