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Lunchtime Concert with Antonio de Juan


Thu 23 Jul 2020


Antonio acquired his passion for flamenco at a short age due to their high presence in his family. When he was 11, he began to play guitar across their mother teachings, meanwhile his father showed him the love for that art, summoned to the required sensibility to appreciate it. Due to his capacities and curiosities in the flamenco art, he was instructed with the help of local gypsy masters like Manuel Amador or Juan Rodríguez, ending up with a deeper learning in Madrid, with the guitar players Óscar Herrero and Julio Vallejo. When he aged 18, he entered in the Conservatorio Superior de Córdoba, where he learned with Niño de Pura, Manolo Franco, Manuel Cera and others, whom he accredited the diploma in just four years. Meanwhile, Antonio also take an active part on guitar scenarios, making concerts both in halls, festivals and “tablaos” in various points of the Spanish geography and United Kingdom. Recently, he has collaborated with artists such as Salva Carrasquito, Shakira Fernández, Alejandro Villaescusa or Laura Santos and with the flamenco company “Gemenco”. In addition, Antonio is taking part in a tribute album to the Spanish poet Miguel Hernández in which he collaborates with women flamenco singers.