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Tue 19 Oct 2021


Blink. Blink again. What do you see?
Day by day your world is filling up with colour, little one. Reds and blues, yellows
and greens. Twinkling lights that glisten and gleam.
Your reflection is staring back at you. Mirrors, lights, colours and sounds. The
world is your Kaleidoscope.
Kaleidoscope is a brand new piece of theatre for babies aged 6 - 18 months
inspired by research into how a baby's sense of sight develops and how they
instinctively begin to categorise colour.
Kaleidoscope is Filskit Theatre’s first piece for babies. Using our unique blend
of gentle, playful performance, sound and lighting, babies and their grown
ups are invited in to join us as we discover the multicoloured world of Kaleidoscope.
This piece has been made in response to the latest research by the University
of Sussex Baby Lab about how babies ‘colour in the world’, with mentoring
support from renowned Director, Sarah Argent.