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Javier Jarquin - Card Ninja


Sat 02 Nov 2019


WARNING: This show contains Ninjas, not magic. Card Ninja is a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Riotous fun and a sweep of high-flying card tricks can only mean one thing; Javier Jarquin, otherwise branded as Card Ninja, is back in town. Expect deadly and risky fun as he performs his extreme card-flicking stunts.

Using genuine playing cards, comedian Javier Jarquin dazzles audiences with displays of decks as weapons. Extreme precision, impeccable timing and astonishing speed/distance – you will not believe what you’re seeing.

Hilarious fun suitable for family audiences aged 6+

“Jarquin is seriously talented when it comes to working a crowd… the real aces up his sleeve, however, were his winning, charismatic stage personality, and some genuinely hilarious comedy material” – The Stage 

“Brilliantly entertaining performance” – The Edinburgh Reporter 

“Excelled at ninja standard card-trickery” – The Evening Standard 

“Jarquin is beyond talented… draws the audience in like an industrial magnet” – SG Fringe 

“I have never seen such an engaged, reactive and eager audience” – Three Weeks 

“In his lethal hands harmless playing cards become ninja stars of spinning destruction” – Broadway Baby

“Who would have thought a man throwing playing cards could be so much fun? Card ninja Jav Jarquin is a fresh, funny and fantastic!” – The Press (NZ)