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Is Now A Good Time?


Wed 19 May - Sun 23 May 2021



It’s Sam from Red Onion Research.

Is now a good time?

Is Now A Good Time? is a brand-new interactive piece of theatre conducted over the phone. A charming, funny and unexpected story, told in a truly original way.

Sam and Alex work in the same call centre. Sometimes they sit next to each other. They really love their job but there’s something missing. You might need to help them figure out what that is.

Is Now A Good Time? is a charming, funny and unexpected story, told in a truly original way.

Is Now A Good Time? will take place over the phone. It is suitable for landlines, mobiles or internet call. Please make sure when booking that you provide an accurate, up-to-date phone number. 

It can be experienced by a single audience member (age 16+) or a group/family in the same household (age 12+ where adults are part of the group). It’s important you book for the correct number of people taking part so that the show can be tailored to your group. Group calls should take place over speaker phone.

You will be called on the number you’ve provided at your allotted start time. If the call is to a mobile phone, please ensure that you are in a place with reliable signal. You will also have the option to provide a back-up number. The performance consists of four calls, with short breaks between each one. The show running time varies slightly based on group size, but won’t exceed an hour.