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Dickens and The Ghosts of St. Andrew's


Sat 27 Nov - Sun 28 Nov 2021


Enter into the world of Charles Dickens late in the dark mid winter of 1868.

Exhausted from travelling the length and breadth of the country performing A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens settles down to read before retiring for a well earned rest.

As he peruses the paper his gaze alights upon an impassioned plea from Reverend Charles Robinson of Gravesend....'Urgent donations to build a mission church on the Thames are desperately needed'.

'Bah Humbug' cries Dickens throwing down his paper - 'I've done my bit!' But as he dozes off into a fitful sleep - strange apparitions start to appear...

An immersive Christmas experience for all the family.

half hour bookable slots per household / bubble.